Home Programme


Sunday 26th May – Registration/Opening Lectures

13:00 Registration
15:00 Ricardo LOURO – Opening lecture  –  Metals in Biology
17:00 Darcy McROSE – Metals in the environment (IUBMB lecturer)
19:00 Get together party

Monday 27th May – Introductory Lectures

08:30 Maja GRUDEN – Theory of biological metallocofactors
10:30 Oliver EINSLE – X-ray crystallography of metalloproteins
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Catarina PAQUETE – Molecular biological approaches to Metalloproteins
16:00 Estelle LEBEGUE – Electrochemical methods for the functional analysis of metalloproteins
18:00 Milagros MEDINA – There is life beyond metals
19:00 Milagros MEDINA – FEBS activities (FEBS Member in Charge)
19.30 Dinner
20:30 Poster presentations

Tuesday 28th May – Spectroscopic techniques

09:00 Genevieve BLONDIN – Mössbauer spectroscopy
11:00 Carole DUBOC – EPR spectroscopy
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Mario PICCIOLI – Metals and biomolecular NMR
16:30 Smilja TODOROVIC – Raman Spectroscopy
18:00 Hajrah KHAWAJA – FEBS Journal
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Poster presentations

Wednesday to Friday 29th to 31st May – Tutorial/Practical Sessions

Bioelectrochemistry (3h) Estelle Lebegue
EPR spectroscopy (3h) Carole Duboc
Molecular Biology (3h) Catarina Paquete
Raman Spectroscopy (3h) Smilja Todorovic
Mossbauer spectroscopy (3h) Genevieve Blondin
NMR spectroscopy (3h) Ricardo Louro

09:00 Tutorial 1 to 6 for groups of 8 students in rotation
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Tutorial 1 to 6 for groups of 8 students in rotation
19:00 Dinner

Wednesday: 20:30 Roland SIGEL – Metal-nucleic acid interactions
Thursday: 20:30 Poster Presentations
Friday: 18:00 Round table discussions of the Tutorial sessions

Saturday 1st June – Applications

09:00 Ricardo LOURO – Electron transfer in multicentre redox proteins
10:30 Elzbieta GUMIENNA-KONTECKA – Metal coordination of proteins and small molecules
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Irene DIAZ-MORENO – Cytochrome c in life and death
15:00 William RUTHERFORD – Manganese proteins and photosynthesis
16:30 Robert CRICHTON – Metal homeostasis
20:00 Banquet, presentation of poster prizes and conclusions. 

Sunday 2nd June – Departure

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