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The role of metals in biological systems is a very complex multidisciplinary subject. There is a recognition among European heads of laboratory working in the in the interdisciplinary area of Inorganic Biochemistry that there is a dire need to train young scientists at this interface between physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and environmental sciences. To uphold Europe's leading role in this important area, encompassing scientific significance as well as significance social impacts, it is imperative to educate young scientists at the interception of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and environmental sciences.

Following a rich history of courses spanning over two decades, the 2024 edition will gather leading and emerging European experts, some of whom were students in the course's earlier iteration held in the 90's. The choice of a shared accommodation setup, where both faculty and students reside in the same hotel where the sessions take place, is specifically designed to enhance their interactions. This approach will also encourage a sense of community among participants, aligning with one of the core objectives of the course, that is establishing enduring professional connections that set the bases for lifelong professional contacts across traditional scientific disciplines.




  • Applications Opening
    15 Dec 2023
  • Applications closing
    15 February 2024
  • Closing times: 23:59 (UTC+01:00)

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